Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Since I'm here...

This blog was intended to be where I would keep track of Lucas' first year and then publish it later. Particularly his 52 photo series- one photo per week. Well... needless to say, I fell behind!

But hey, check out this video I made! The upload quality diminished the actual video, so the sound is a bit off... but only in a couple places. It should still be enjoyable. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Thursday, September 30, 2010


this blog is stagnant!

it has been many, many, MANY moons since i've found myself in the place i'm sitting at the moment: alone, with myself and my laptop, at Flying M downtown. Oh, it feels Divine, and I still have over an hour and a half til I am set to return home.

this in part, is why I have not been writing much. secondly, i've had such a full summer its been difficult just to keep up with the laundry, no less, my son's blog. lastly, i think this layout/design is lame! i don't really like it, therefore, i've been less than inspired to update the info here.

i have had a million ideas for what to write however. but i think its just now finding a way to get out of my body and out into the formless form, la internet. however, i don't know that this site, is where i will continue posting all of these ideas. because of said design, and because of the transformation my perspective has taken.

i'd like to let all FIVE of you who follow this blog, know of my personal semi-revolutionary blog in the process of being revolutionized. jaemama.wordpress.com On this new page, i look forward to posting my perspectives that affect a greater mass: women's health & wellness and my never ending quest for peace and higher-consciousness. i invite you to start following and share with me your comments and insights.

although, this will still be my semi-cheesy "look what my son's been up to" page, it'll be fabulous too so i hope you continue to enjoy it.

on my new blog, i plan on using proper grammar in regards to capitalization. Peachy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lucas ??/52

on grandma's land :)
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Yeah, I am definitely behind on my photo series for this blog: Lucas 52, which includes a photo of him per week over the first year of his life.

I, we, have been really busy enjoying life and also experiencing major transformations within my family.

This photo was taken on a patch of grass that has had family photos taken over the last 50 years. It was my Grandma Hazel's home in Gooding and is now seemingly becoming dust in the wind.

All creation is eventually destroyed, and in its wake, new life sprouts. It is not an easy, but it is the human experience.

I don't want to ramble on about that, but I will say that eventually I do hope to get caught up on Lucas' photo blog.

I have had some inspiration for this blog as of late, but we'll see how that fruit comes to be. I may start a new blog completely out of what has been borne out of my own motherhood which feels of service more than my excited ramblings over lucas' milestones. AH, just as I typed it I thought- NO WAY! This is where I will post fond memories made and milestones crossed. I do have some catching up to do!!

As of today Lucas has:
gone on his first road trip. (Pics to be posted)
gone swimming multiple times.
been working on sprouting teeth for a couple months.
started sitting by himself and getting up onto his hands and knees.

More to come!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

the little boy peeking through

the little boy peeking through
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His eyes are changing from the deep blue they were as a newborn to a greenish brown, just like his mama and papa. I can see more and more of a little boy coming out of him every day. He's a very determined soul, which leaves him frustrated sometimes, but I think he picked the perfect parents to nurture him along the way.

Much love & Gratitude,

red eyed tiger

red eyed tiger
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